is the production brand of Halil Kesselring.
Swiss-based in Stein am Rhein, I aim to create modern imagery and captivating stories
in the areas of culture/society, sports and natural history. 
I hold a Master's degree in marine biology from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.
In 2015 I obtained a doctoral degree (PhD) in evolutionary biology from the University of Basel, Switzerland.
I am the author and co-author of several scientific studies published in international peer reviewed journals.
Since August 2022 I am also high-school teacher (Gymnasium) for mathematics and biology.
Since April 2016 I am an assistant lecturer in the course "Film making for scientists" offered by the Universities of Zürich and Basel by Dr. Samer Alasaad.
I am assistant lead organizer of the Global Science Film Festival, a two-day science film festival held in Zürich, Switzerland. Our next festival takes place in March 2023. Visit https://www.sciencefilm.ch for more information.
On 29. April 2016 I was awarded 'best talk' at the international Phil.Alp conference by the Interacademic Commission of Alpine Research (ICAS). The awarded money is invested in a short video about the research of the Population Biology Group at the Botanical Institute of the University of Basel.
In April 2016 I was awarded a grant by kulturelles.bl for the post-production of my short film "Sprängreedli".
In 2014 I received scientific grants from the 'Basler Stiftung für biologische Forschung' and the 'Freie Akademische Gesellschaft Basel' for the completion of my PhD thesis.
I work directly with customers or through agencies.
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